Grenzen überwinden,

    Kinder schützen,

Familien verbinden.

Protection of adults

 1. Cases of elderly persons who become incapable of managing their own affairs while staying in another country are becoming more and more frequent. This is an area where the Hague Convention on the International Protection of Adults makes a significant contribution.    

2. The Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom (only for Scotland) have ratified the Hague Convention already.  Although the Convention does not include substantive guardianship law, it triggers changes in practice, e.g. concerning the enforcement of protection measures taken in another country.


For elderly or mentally disabled persons who are no longer able to care for themselves, a curator is appointed. When a relocation to or from another country is planned, or when the placement in an appropriate institution and possibly the transfer of the curatorship must be organised, ISS can be asked for assistance.