Grenzen überwinden,

    Kinder schützen,

Familien verbinden.

In Detail

Decades of experience in casework are the basis for the general and consultative work of ISS. With this experience ISS contributes to the development of international social work and legislation. ISS wants to be a mediator - not only between law and social work but also between theory and practice.

Training seminars

International conventions and European legislation are gaining importance. The Hague conventions on intercountry adoption, child abduction, child protection as well as regulations such as the Brussels IIbis Regulation have a direct impact on the working method of those working in the field.

For this reason ISS German Branch offers training seminars. They are directed toward social workers of the youth welfare offices and voluntary agencies as well as judges and all those concerned with cases of family conflicts with an international dimension.

ISS German Branch also presents papers at specialist conferences of other organisations.

Participation in working groups and commissions at the national and international level

Through our participation in the European Council Committee of Experts on Family Law or the Hague Conference on Private International Law, we represent the concerns and interests of youth welfare at the international level.

Statements and recommendations

ISS German Branch supports and comments on the development and implementation of laws and international conventions. Our aim is to ensure that the needs and experiences of practical work are taken into consideration in the development of legislation.