Advice for professionals and persons involved

The International Social Service Germany (ISD) advises professionals from independent and public social work organisations, authorities and courts on all cross-border family situations. The consultations involve social work approaches and legal options while always taking into consideration the international conventions and national family law applicable in the specific situation. In addition, the consultations are framed with the legal and cultural backgournd of the countries and cultural values involved.

Framework and approach

In the consultations ISD takes a child-centered and solution-oriented approach. Professionals are supported in developing options for action and solutions with a focus on the welfare of the child concerned. The consultations are based on the principle of neutrality - ISD does not take sides with any of the parties involved in the family conflict. ISD is not a government agency and therefore works independently of government auhtorities, child welfare offices and courts. The counseling sessions are confidential according to the applicable data protection regulations and the contents are only passed on to third parties with the consent of the person concerned. ISD will also refer to other specialised agencies if it is necessary and appropriate.

Who carries out the consultations?

The counseling services of ISD are provided by an interdisciplinary team with many years of experience in family conflicts with an international dimension as well as other additional qualifications, e.g. in the field of children's rights and child protection. ISD also provides advice and support in the assessment of child endangerment in a cross-border context. 

Advice for persons involved

For advice on cross-border family situations concerned parents, adolescents, children and other private individuals can also turn to the "Central Contact Point for Cross-Border Child Conflicts and Mediation" (ZAnK) under the sponsorship of ISD.

This is how many consultations we carried out in 2023