Grenzen überwinden,

    Kinder schützen,

Familien verbinden.

In Family and Youth Welfare Matters

ISS German Branch acts as an intermediary between social services, guardianship and family courts in Germany and those in the other countries. It works in collaboration with the ISS branches and correspondents of the worldwide network of International Social Service (ISS). These are staffed with native professionals, who usually involve the relevant local agencies in their country. Collaboration in intercountry cases is not based on administrative cooperation between public authorities, but is done on a voluntary basis.

In order to obtain the cooperation of relevant agencies in the other countries, our referrals have to contain a minimum amount of information. In our experience, our colleagues in the other country need to have the following information on the individual case in order to be able to take appropriate action: 

  • Names, birthdate and birthplace, nationality, and the complete address of the persons concerned;
  • Date and place of marriage and/or divorce, if applicable;
  • Case history and present situation;
  • Child’s current family status and residence status, if applicable;
  • Wishes and suggestions stated by the persons concerned, including the child;
  • Any relevant information on the individual case which you think the social worker in the other country should know;
  • Language skills of the persons concerned in the other country, if applicable;
  • Is the person concerned in the other country informed about the involvement of ISS?
  • Which other agencies (in Germany and abroad) are also involved in the case?
  • In case of court proceedings: has it been possible to serve the applicant’s petition on the person/s concerned in the other country? Have they responded to it?
  • Details on the service requested from the other country: Are there any specific questions/problems which should be addressed? (possibly, a list of questions).

Due to the principles and methodology of the ISS network – referral of the requests/translations required – the processing time is sometimes prolonged. In case the original situation has significantly changed in the meantime, we ask you to inform us accordingly.

ISS German Branch charges a fee for its services, which is charged to the youth welfare offices or to the courts respectively.