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Fees for the Service of ISS German Branch

On 1.1.2002, in consultation with local umbrella organisations, ISS German Branch raised its standard processing fee, which had been unchanged since 1990. This had to be done as a result of our new conditions of funding as well as the fact that the standard fee was no longer in proportion to actual expenditure.

Fees for the youth welfare offices

Since 1.1.2002, the standard processing fee to be paid by youth welfare offices has been 180 €. Those who are members of the German Association for Public and Private Welfare (DV) get a discount of 25 € and thus have to pay only 155 €.  Kindly inform us if you are a member, quoting your membership number.

The fee is due as soon as the social report requested from the other country has been submitted.

The working languages used in our international network are usually English or French. The standard fee includes the cost of translations provided by ISS. Only in cases where, due to the structure in the relevant country, the report can only be provided in a different language (e.g. Russian), the costs of these translations will be charged in addition to the standard processing fee.

In cases where requests are cancelled after we have already requested service from the relevant agency abroad, we charge a one-time fee in the amount of 128.- €. This applies only if ISS is not responsible for the reasons for cancellation. Members of the German Association in such cases have to pay a reduced fee in the amounf of 100.- €.

Voluntary welfare agencies

For voluntary welfare agencies, the fee to be paid is equivalent to that of the youth welfare offices, if they perform the functions of youth welfare offices under the Child and Youth Services Act (KJHG).

Other agencies

For residential or in-patient institutions (hospitals, residential facilities, or detention centres) as well as health and foreigners authorities, the fee to be paid is the same as for youth welfare offices.

Private individuals

For private individuals who turn to ISS for assistance, the same fee applies as for youth welfare offices.

Courts and lawyers

For requests made to us before 1st July 2004, fees are charged for our services pursuant to the Act on the Compensation of Witnesses and Experts (ZSEG). For requests made to us after that date, fees will be charged pursuant to the Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG).